Admin - A Day in the Life of... Administration!

We know you all love to see pictures of our events and our delicious food, but today we thought we’d give you an insight into behind the scenes at Saffron, focusing on our administration team.

On average we receive between 75 and 100 emails per day, so our inbox is constantly monitored.  Our administration team is managed by Nicki who works during the week and oversees all of the administration.  As our Corporate Account Manager liaison with all of the corporate clients continues on a daily basis, booking in all of the lunches which on average can be around 25-30 each week.  Checking all bookings is also an essential role and something which has to be accurate.

Our Office Manager works 3 days a week, working on processing all of our purchases invoices, banking, cashing up and the payroll process, all of which keeps Angela very busy!

Working as our Weddings and Events co-ordinator, Kellie works closely with our private client bookings finalising each event.  Usually with a minimum of 7 events per weekend, again this is no easy task!  Each wedding and event is different and we ensure we offer that personalised service which we pride ourselves in.  It’s important to build up a rapport with each bride and groom as they are putting a lot of their faith and trust in us to deliver on their special day, something which we take very seriously!

Val works on a part time basis also processing the wages for payment, processing purchase invoices for payment and double checking all of the bookings are logged properly.

Today as an example, it is payroll day so Angela has to process and check 35 of our casual employees hour posts, input them all into a document and send to our Accountants for processing.  Also submitting and checking our 11 full time members of staff salaries.  This takes up the morning for her, and the afternoon has been spent inputting a weeks’ worth of purchase invoices and chasing receipts to ensure our books are balanced properly.

Kellie is working on final details for our weekend of 20th August, we have to get approx. 3-4 weeks ahead with final details as the planning can take a while to finalise.  Along with that, she is finishing details for the previous 2 weekends, working on around 15 weddings at any one time depending on the speed of the responses which come back!

Nicki has been working on the inbox, ensuring every email is answered, actioned and processed accordingly.  Nicki is also responsible for our social media upkeep, posting and scheduling photographs throughout the week from each of our events.  All of our staff know to keep the pictures coming as we know it’s such a key thing for our clients to see how we deliver each event.  To keep it interesting, we have recently introduced a weekly photography competition in house, with a theme each week and a prize for the independently judged winning picture!  Nicki issues all sales invoices and today has booked in 2 weddings for next year, 4 corporate lunches for next week and a private party for September.  Nicki has also been working on a quote for a corporate event for 180 likely to be held at Nottingham Castle in July next year, a quote for a wedding next year requiring canapes and a hot buffet, updated 4 invoices for final details changes and has also been liaising with a hire company regarding some tables and chairs we have booked for an event this weekend.

All in all, our usual busy week day.  Welcome to the wonderful world of Team Saffron administration!