Core Values  scaled - We're listening...

In a world where mental health is becoming more and more predominant, here at Saffron we feel it is extremely important to look after our team, Our own Core Values reflect, Accountability, Passion, Teamwork and Respect and by ensuring that all staff are looked after and valued, we know we are doing our best as an employer.

We operate an open door policy, any member of staff is welcome at any time to speak with a member of our team. We’re accessible, ready and willing to listen, and are keen to create that safe working environment no matter what your role.  We also offer a benefit package via our Payroll partners in which all members of staff have access to a phone line for confidential discussions with a qualified guidance counsellor and an online GP.

There are a number of ways where catering can contribute to bringing people together whether it be on a regular basis, or a time of need. With deli’s & canteens becoming more of a hub area, why not section off a ‘quiet time’ area to give people the chance to talk, confide or just listen. Creating options such as Meals for 2 & invite a friend to join you for lunch, the time away from desks could be imperative to someone. A gesture of kindness – buy a drink or snack for a colleague who you feel would benefit from a boost, just a gesture but it could make the difference.

Whatever the reason for people to come together, remember to be kind to each other, be present, be supportive & just listen, don’t suffer in silence.