Hog Roast 5 - Rain wont stop play!

Every event is different at Saffron Catering and obviously our team work in all weathers… it is our main aim to ensure the guests don’t notice any issues we have and the weather can certainly cause us some issues!

Mid-way through one of our 7 events last weekend, our team were ankle deep in water, with no sign of the rain stopping.  This didn’t deter our lovely guests celebrating their daughter’s holy communion and enjoying our delicious catering!  At this event, our traditional Hog Roast took centre stage, cooked for 8 hours in total, carved on site and served in fresh floured baps with an array of salads.  The food was delicious and our 70 guests were helping themselves to seconds and some even thirds!  Homemade coleslaw, tomato and mozzarella salad and a fresh mixed salad all complimented the succulent pork and was all quickly polished off by the hungry guests.

We didn’t let the rain dampen our spirits, and neither did the guests, the children still played outside and the guests all gathered around our umbrella’ed area chatting amongst themselves as the event progressed.  Our team always get asked similar questions when it comes to hog roasts, of course we answer with pleasure on how long we cook the hog roast for, how we get the crackling so crispy and what makes the pork so juicy and tender.

With soggy shoes and happy guests our team were on site a few hours, we then packed up and headed on to our next event.  A job well done and the feedback extremely positive!

Hog Roast 1 300x225 - Rain wont stop play!Hog Roast 6 225x300 - Rain wont stop play!